L’Étoile Cosmétiques

The exceptional regenerative power of starfish for a healthy, youthful-looking skin


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Our origins

L’ÉTOILE COSMÉTIQUES is driven by a single passion: to design innovative dermocosmetic treatments based on the exceptional regenerative power of the starfish Asterias vulgaris, living in the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The unique regenerative capacity of this starfish sparked an ambitious scientific program that culminated with the issuance of international patents. Building upon its eco-responsible and sustainable harvesting process having no impact on starfish or its ecosystem, L’ÉTOILE COSMETIQUES is proud to contribute to the valorization of this exceptional marine resource.

Our products

Designed and manufactured in Quebec, L’ÉTOILE COSMÉTIQUES is a line of specialized skincare products distributed exclusively in the network of esthetics and beauty institutes, articulated around the following founding principles:

  • STARFISH: The core of each formulation through the use of the patented technology Juventide™
  • SIMPLICITY: Minimalistic formulations for safe use by all skin types, even the most sensitive ones
  • EFFICACY: An unmatched concentration of active ingredients to maximize skin benefits

Points of sale

L’ÉTOILE COSMÉTIQUES products are also available in the network of esthetics and beauty institutes.