Our origins


The Power of Starfish

Starfish is one of the ocean’s most abundant organism, but also one of its most intriguing. Despite its simple physical structure, starfish posess the unique capacity to regenerate limbs lost through injuries or predator attacks.

Coelomic fluid found inside starfish of the specie Asterias vulgaris is responsible for this extraordinary regenerative effect. This fluid is characterized by a finely balanced mixture of various biomolecules conferring the starfish this unique potential, such as:

  • Four different sulfated saponins
  • Various peptides and free amino acids
  • A mineral fraction derived from seawater

The dermatological applications of coelomic fluid and its precious regenerative biomolecules have been developed and patented in Quebec under the name JUVENTIDE ™. This technological platform is at the heart of each of L’ÉTOILE COSMÉTIQUES formulations and guarantees exceptional anti-aging benefits, such as a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, an immediate toning effect, an intense hydration and a more radiant skin complexion!

A Sustainable Sourcing

The « ECOCoelomic fluid collecting process » is conducted in collaboration with mussel growers of Prince-Edward Island, based on the principles of circular economy. This magnificent island is bathed by the cold waters of the Atlantic and harbours a vast population of starfish. Starfish play a complex role in the marine environment by regulating populations of shellfish and crustaceans and is thus a predator of mussels farmed by mussel growers.

Together with mussel growers, we have developed a durable collecting process that is fully integrated with the current cleaning practices used on mussel growing sites, while having no impact on the species. Through the entire process of coelomic fluid collection, each starfish collected is kept alive in the appropriate conditions and is returned shortly thereafter to its natural habitat. Our collecting process has been validated through third party audits and scientific studies that confirmed the absence of impact on starfish wellbeing and on their ecosystem.

Points of sale

L’ÉTOILE COSMÉTIQUES products are also available in the network of esthetics and beauty institutes.